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Revenue Management Reporting

Whatever service product you offer, you want to maximize sales revenue from each market segment and make sure spare capacity is sold at the most profitable rates. With clients in the hotel, transport and advertising industries, we know how crucial it is to monitor bookings and analyse trends using historical and future bookings data.

Web-based delivery of reports allows the analysis of a much greater volume of data than with spreadsheets, saving you significant time and allowing you to market more quickly and effectively. It’s centralised and will allow multiple user access. It’s also more flexible and allows for custom analysis; for example, you can review forecast accuracy – how useful would it be if you could monitor your previous forecasts to judge whether they were correct + or - 5% or whether in fact they differed by 50%? Effective revenue management can radically affect your business’s bottom line. We can also work with your revenue management software supplier to integrate their prices and forecasts into your reporting system.

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