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Business Intelligence: Scorecards

The balanced scorecard helps align a business's strategic vision with its day-to-day activities by focussing on all the factors that make it successful, not only financial outcomes. By balancing measures relating to financial objectives with customer, process and employee perspectives - staff retention, customer satisfaction, health and safety compliance - scorecards provide a more comprehensive view of business performance.

Understanding your requirements

Data for a scorecard can be retrieved from a multitude of different sources including finance, HR and operational systems, or from external organisations (such as auditors) in convenient formats. Once imported, business rules are applied and data is aggregated/consolidated to all levels of the corporate "hierarchy". Successful scorecards make this data available at all levels in their organisation and this can be achieved using web based tools or commonly available tools such as Microsoft Excel. Many scorecard systems work on a traffic light system to show at a glance how the company and its brands or divisions are performing against target. 

change++ have developed a powerful, comprehensive web based scorecarding solution that can be rapidly configured, secured and applied to your data. 

Successful scorecards are often linked to incentives for managers and employees, and as such are a powerful performance management tool, able to communicate achievement against key performance indicators and incentivise teams in a highly visual manner.

Key Features include:

  • Simple, intuitive web-based interface
  • Summary results displayed by brand or region with drill down to area or unit level
  • Trend screens reveal comparative performance over time, with graphical representation of measures at any level
  • Aggregation rules can be applied to summarise group or corporate results

  • Secure - people only see the data they are allowed to see
  • Numbers can be hidden so users only see colour and trend indicators
  • Deals with multiple currencies
  • Ability to display the detail behind the KPI summaries
  • Full search capability to quickly locate any unit/area/region

What Does It Look Like?

Scorecards are a powerful performance management tool
Drill through to area detail for trend analysis
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