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Case Study:
Galderma streamline their daily sales system with change++


Galderma is a world-leading pharmaceutical company specialising in innovative products for dermatology patients and physicians. A joint venture between Nestlé and L’Oréal with a parent company based in Switzerland, the company manufactures and supplies a portfolio of drugs and skin care products aimed at treating skin and nail conditions. Distribution of Galderma (UK) Ltd products to the healthcare sector is managed via wholesale networks, major pharmacy retail groups and direct to the NHS.

Tracking sales and monitoring demand for products by different customer groups is crucially important for the effective management of the business and to ensure sales targets are met. Daily sales data was previously fed into a spreadsheet for the purpose of reporting daily sales, but the spreadsheet had to be updated manually and the system was found to be inflexible. Galderma had already invested in IBM Cognos licences with a view to producing more sophisticated daily sales reports and contracted change++ to help them define exact requirements and develop a broader range of reports.



Discussions with Galderma confirmed that a daily sales system should allow:

  • Easy analysis of daily sales information
  • Product sales trends and product sales history
  • Facility to write simple ad-hoc reports
  • Opportunity to track the outcome of product sales initiatives

It was necessary for field staff to be able to view reports using a browser- based interface that would allow them to drill down into the data to identify where sales were needed to meet targets, which products were selling best in the month and to which market sectors. In contrast, the Galderma board wanted a ‘top level’ view of daily sales, ideally in graphic format, to illustrate performance clearly and highlight any areas needing immediate attention. change++ proposed using IBM Cognos Enterprise to build a browser-based dashboard screen to display key daily sales information. An existing MS SQL Server Database containing sales data was enhanced to add budgets and trends and additional product and customer information.

IBM Cognos cubes were used to present key daily sales information in a flexible manner, to enable easy analysis of the figures by head office users and product managers. IBM Cognos Query Studio was also provided to give analysts access to detailed data in the database when required.


Galderma (UK) Ltd now have a browser-based, fully automated Daily Sales System containing standard reports and full data analysis facilities. Field staff wanting detailed information on sales vs budget, product sales by customer and sales trends can access reports wherever they are working. Senior management have an immediate view of business performance via the dashboard screen.

According to Galderma’s Head of Finance, Bill Bootle, “This system gives us a more visual, focussed view of the information than we ever had using spreadsheets, with the added benefit that automation saves analysts’ time and virtually eliminates errors. For ad hoc analysis we can build reports easily and the pre-defined reports give our managers an instant view of areas that need attention. The dashboard format has been very well received, so we’re now looking forward to further developments of the system.”

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