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Business Intelligence: Dashboards

For day-to-day control of the business, dashboards give operations staff an instant overview of what's happening and provide a focus for management action. Graphical summaries typically indicate trends, performance against target, daily sales - whatever measures managers have identified as a priority. Well-designed dashboards will highlight the best and worst performers in the business and allow drill-through to more detailed data as well as reporting KPIs. 

Understanding your requirements

Experience has shown us how important it can be to combine data from multiple sources to create "added value" reporting. For example, combining sales and labour information can quickly provide insight into staffing levels, labour costs as a percentage of sales and other information that wouldn’t be available from a single source. While corporate dashboards give an overall view of company performance for head office users, dashboards for area or regional managers focus on the relevant, actionable measures for that audience with drill through features to highlight performance in all areas of the business.

  • Instant visual representation of performance against target for immediate action
  • Data from different business systems can be integrated
  • Exception reports ensure that irregularities and anomalies are flagged up immediately for management attention
  • Time saved in running multiple reports and waiting for others to provide information

  • Complete visibility of all performance measures speeding response times for new opportunities or investigating problems
  • Agile dashboard configuration ensures that reporting reflects the business focus
  • Reduced reliance on the IT function giving users more control over information
  • Enterprise system provides 'single version of the truth'


What Does It Look Like?

Report screens reflect the business focus
Integrated data gives ‘one version of the truth’
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