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Countdown to Christmas Business Intelligence tips

It is officially December, and the countdown to Christmas has begun. Fairy lights are twinkling, Christmas jumpers are back in fashion and the race to get Christmas shopping is on.

So, as it is the season for giving, we’ve put together a few stocking fillers for you and your business. Here are 12 festive-themed business intelligence tips to help you get more from your data and enjoy a prosperous New Year.

1. Put automation at the top of your company ‘nice’ wish list.

Automating processes like inputting data and producing reports, can improve accuracy while speeding up tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing your staff to use their time more productively.

2. Don’t look for a one-gift-fits-all BI solution.

While everyone in your business needs data, they all use it differently. Use self-service analytics to give each person the right data for their role, in the format that works best for them.  

3. Make the most of unexpected gifts.

The best presents are often ones you never knew you needed. Social media analytics could give you valuable insights into your customers and how they view your products or services.

4. Bring company data together for Christmas.

Maintain your data quality more easily by keeping it in a centralised location – ideally in the cloud. You’ll also improve access, increase accuracy and eliminate duplication of effort.

5. Enjoy Christmas traditions, but in business, embrace change

There are many ways that digital technology can help you improve customer service. A chatbot, for example, can answer basic queries round the clock - and give you more data to work with.

6. Your data can tell a story – so make sure someone is listening.

Every business has data, but many miss valuable opportunities by ignoring important sources. Think about what data you have (social media, CRM, Trello) and what it can tell you.

7. ‘Tis the season … to start your BI journey.

Use the New Year as an opportunity to start your business intelligence journey. It’ll help you understand your customers, make better decisions, and improve products and services.

8. Enjoy your Christmas feast but put your data on a diet.

Poor data will produce poor insights. Start a data diet ahead of the New Year and feed your systems on high-quality data – and start making better business decisions. 

9. Build your BI strategy on firm foundations – like a Christmas tree.

Without a firm base, your BI strategy will likely be wonky, and may even topple. Find out how to get the fundamentals right in our blog, What’s next for Business Intelligience? 

10. Join Santa and his reindeers in the cloud.

Santa and his sleigh shouldn’t be alone in the cloud this Christmas. Move your data to the cloud and enjoy deeper insights, more streamlined processes, and improved collaboration.

11. Plan for the long term – not just for Christmas.

Business changes you made during lockdown may not be right for the long term. Take a BI health check to find out how to ensure your company is in good shape five years from now.

12. Like Santa’s elves – we’re here to help.

But, unlike Santa’s helpers, we can give you support all year round! Work with us and we’ll give you access to ongoing systems support, to ensure you get the most out of their BI.


Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all of us at change++.