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Using Microsoft Power BI Reports with Teams

Do you want to be able to discuss issues raised by your Power BI reports, but perhaps you’re not all based in the same office or some of your team are mobile or work in different time zones?

Would you like to give the people responsible for the figures a chance to comment on them and explain any discrepancies before they are presented to management?

Do you need everyone to have access to the latest figures in your on-line meetings to enable your team to deal with actions fast? 

Microsoft Teams with Power BI promotes engagement and improves collaboration

If you’re already using Teams to enhance the way that you work together, then it’s a simple step to include Power BI reports to supply the data that your team need to do their job:

1. Simply add a tab to the relevant Team Channel and pick the Power BI app from the list.

2. Select an existing Power BI Workspace and relevant report.

3. That’s it!

Now you can use the Conversations tab to share thoughts and arrange on-line meetings where you will all be able to view the same reports 

If you haven’t looked at MS Teams yet, it’s easy to implement and is a great way to bring people with shared interests together, whether on a temporary basis, for example members of a project team, or more permanently, perhaps to enable communication where team members are scattered across the globe.

How you might use Microsoft Teams with Power BI:

•    A sales team, all working remotely, have a daily early-morning Huddle where they use Power BI and Teams to review the latest figures and agree actions 

•    An area manager of a pub company has a Team set up for each of the pubs that he manages to enable him to keep in touch with his general managers and make sure everyone can monitor time-critical KPIs like Wages % (wages as a percentage of sales) using a simple Power BI report

•    People from a number of different organisations who are collaborating on a project use Teams to keep in touch and share essential project information in up-to-the minute Power BI reports

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