BI Health Check

A change++ BI Health Check is a review of your existing business intelligence and data landscape, designed to give you an unbiased view of where you are and what you could achieve. As part of the health check we will carry out a review of your systems and data processing, and at the end of the check you will receive a report detailing how you are performing.

Any business can benefit from a change++ BI Health Check. It doesn’t matter where you are on your business intelligence journey, we can help to keep you on the right path.


Why should I get a BI Health Check?

Our health check will give you a report on how the various components of your business intelligence are performing. Using this information, you can address weaknesses and gaps, but also learn from and build on the strengths. The health check report will also help you understand whether the tools you have in place are delivering for your users and your business.

Previous work with clients has:

  • Increased business satisfaction with the quality and availability of data and reports
  • Increased user engagement
  • Identified areas of the business that can streamline resource deployment and utilisation
  • Reduced the per-user cost of licencing following reviews of how the system was being used.


For clients who are considering upgrades or vendor changes, one of the major benefits of the change++ BI Health Check is that you will be able to address problems objectively rather than taking them with you.


When should I get a BI Health Check?

A change++ BI Health Check can be performed at any time, but there are a couple of points when it’s particularly useful:

  • During quiet trading periods
  • In advance of budgetary reviews
  • Before and major rollouts, investment or upgrades
  • On a regular basis (e.g. annually) to ensure a steady course


How does it work?

The health check can be carried out on site or remotely, it will depend entirely on what works best for you. We will need to talk to key users and stakeholders as well as gain access to the systems to review them. In the current COVID-19 world, all change++ BI Health Check activities can be actioned remotely to encourage remote working and workplace distancing. Whether we are working remotely or on site, we will adhere to your IT security policies and requirements.

The process for the change++ BI Health Check has a number of steps: 

  1. Audit usage of your business intelligence tool to:
  • Establish that you are you compliant with the licence requirements
  • Determine what the user uptake and engagement is like
  • Look at standard reports usage vs ad-hoc reporting
  • Establish if the tool is being used to create reports and perform analysis, or simply being used for data extracts
  • Confirm if the full functionality of the tool being used
  • Verify if it is time for an upgrade


  1. Analyse the data flow across your sources and destinations to
  • Look at what data are you consuming and exporting
  • Highlight if there is any overlap or duplication of data
  • Identify where your data ends up and understand the impact of system changes.


  1. Review the report to
  • Clarify where you are on the BI journey
  • Discuss the recommendations


We are often asked how long the  process will take. This will depend on the size of your data estate and the level of detail you wish the report to contain. Typically, we say between 2 and 5 days is enough time to produce a health check report that will allow you to see noticeable benefit.


How to get a change++ BI Health Check 

If you are interested in conducting a BI Review, get in touch with us today.



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