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The supply chain is a defining feature of manufacturing. Ideally, resources come in, and products go out. But this finely balanced process is susceptible to many risks. Labour shortages put pressure on outputs, supply chain issues put a squeeze on the inputs, and customer demand requires scalability. Well-functioning business intelligence can help your company build resilience in the face of these changes. Centralised data and analysis can help you to quickly adjust and reallocate often scarce resources.

Manufacturing customers can build on their successes with change++’s expertise in these areas – database design, business intelligence development, reporting, and self-service analytics

  • Adapt to supply chain instability
  • Visualise multi-stage processes
  • Scale efficiencies and productivity
  • Integrate systems and automate processes for enhanced customer experience
  • Simulate processes for better testing
  • Enterprise-wide data for better decision making
  • Irradicate bugs from complex processes

“change++ helped us by setting up a bespoke solution based in the IBM Cognos suite of tools. What they built allowed us to quickly monitor things like packaging costs and make amendments to protect our margins. We particularly appreciate that they’re always available to answer queries and provide ongoing support.”

David Griffiths BI Development and Support Manager, Noble Foods

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Analysis for big-picture insights

Analysis for big-picture insights

Enterprise-wide BI suite for UK’s largest egg and egg-product supplier

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Database increases productivity

Database increases productivity

Cloud data warehouse saves G’s Fresh hundreds of IT hours

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