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Two things characterise the leisure sector: changing consumer trends and novel competition. Sports clubs, cinemas, music venues and spas all compete for attention. Customer behaviour drives changes to opening hours, development of new services and more personalised experiences. And all these changes produce data. But if your data isn’t readily accessible and easily interpreted, then your leisure business will get left behind. Business intelligence can give you the insight to predict what customers want, how to adapt to shifting tastes, and where to funnel your resources.

change++ leisure customers benefit from our expertise in these areas – self-service analytics, business intelligence development, and reporting.

  • Predict customer behaviour
  • Quickly adapt to evolving customer preferences
  • Deliver unique and advanced customer experiences
  • Control stock levels and budgets
  • Align data for better decision-making
  • Manage seasonal holidays and staff rotas
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Manage data from new and evolving sources
  • Identify areas where sustainability can be improved

“We can gain more insight from our data that will allow us to anticipate and respond to customer demand and deliver an even better service. We are now much more aware of what Azure offers and want to explore what opportunities we might exploit with other users in the business.”

Nigel Stocks Finance Director, SIS

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Enhance CX with BI

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