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Businesses are prone to inefficiency, which turns into wastage, higher energy usage, and more emissions. And customers and the government are both demanding more sustainable practices. But improving efficiencies, reducing energy usage, and decarbonising are difficult. Emissions data is often siloed or external to an organisation. Energy markets are fast paced. And reducing inefficiency requires many measurements. But the business intelligence tools that improve your business can also improve your green credentials.

change++ can help businesses increase sustainability with these solutions  – business intelligence development, database design, self-service analytics, automation and reporting.

  • Monitor energy usage, adapt to price fluctuations and take action to reduce consumption
  • Improve efficiencies for logistics
  • Reduce carbon emissions in your supply chain
  • Integrate internal and external environmental data
  • Inform environmental decision making
  • Build reports for climate related disclosures


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Make changes for good

Make changes for good

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BI supports EX goals

BI supports EX goals

Data processing for 14,000 employee experience initiative

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Meet our BI Experts

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Reduce waste and emissions

Reduce waste and emissions

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