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Intelligent Reporting

What could your business achieve if everyone had the tools to improve the way they work and the decisions they make on a daily basis? We know how business performance can be transformed when everyone - not just senior management - has access to tools that genuinely change the way they work. Results improve throughout the business when each individual has more influence and control over the way they fulfil their role using reports that support their day-to-day activity.

What Are The Key Tools?

At change++ we believe in fully exploiting BI tools to make sure your decisions are smarter because they’re supported by the right data. We want to maximize the value of the investment you’ve made in BI. In addition to custom reports and the mandatory reports the business needs to produce, by how much could performance be improved using the following;

icon exception

Exception reports

Spot anomalies in day-to-day transactions or identify units that are performing above or below expectations so you can take immediate action to replicate success or remedy poor results.

icon dashboard


Pull together your most important reports into graphical screens with real impact to see at a glance how the business is performing. For further investigation simply drill through each summary report.

icon alerts


Schedule emails to users with reports attached or notify them that certain information is available via a browser link. Alternatively if there are thresholds or parameters set up to signal when certain targets are achieved or limits breached, users can be automatically notified.

icon trends

Trend analysis

By tracking performance and daily business activity you can spot trends early and act, secure in the knowledge that your decision is supported by accurate data.

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