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IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Decisions regarding the most appropriate platform for your Business Intelligence project depend on an analysis of how you and your users want to receive and use reports. Do you want to give everyone access to the same standard reports? Do you want head office users to have the option of using cubes for ad hoc reporting and data analysis? We can advise on the best reporting tools to meet your management information needs now and in the future.

A market-leading range of products designed to offer all enterprises – large or small – the right solution to their business intelligence and performance management needs. IBM Cognos is the family of products that enable businesses to turn insight into action through reports, analysis, dashboards, and planning and forecasting tools. We've been successfully implementing and supporting IBM Cognos systems for our clients for many years and are fully accredited in all IBM Cognos products. For businesses that still have IBM Cognos 8 licences we can advise on upgrades to the latest IBM Cognos products, sometimes at very little cost, and with impressive benefits in performance and reporting capability.

Cognos Enterprise

IBM Cognos Enterprise

IBM Cognos Enterprise is the product designed to meet business, finance reporting and IT needs. It offers everyone in the business access to the information they need to plan, forecast, analyse and report via the web, mobile or desktop. Whether users need to share and collaborate or work independently on planning and analysis, Cognos Enterprise offers power and scalability for enterprise performance management.

IBM Cognos TM1

On-demand enterprise planning software for budgeting, forecasting and analysis. Cognos TM1 helps the finance function drive timely decision-making by delivering new levels of responsiveness in planning and ‘what-if’ analysis. It facilitates dynamic planning, forecasting and profitability analysis and ties operations with finance to uncover new business options, increase profits and manage capital effectively.

IBM Cognos Express

Designed for departments, business units or midsize enterprises that require integrated reporting, data analysis and planning capabilities with the opportunity to scale up as the organization grows. Cognos Express is easy to install, easy to use and affordable.

IBM Cognos Insight

Personal analytics solution that allows you to explore, analyse and share insights at your desktop, publish dashboards and modify plans, forecasts and budgets. Cognos Insight is available as a standalone solution or can be combined with other IBM Cognos software as part of a wider deployment.

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